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  1. 285 votes

    call a massive protest following on from this event.

    1000 people from the broad left gathered in the RDS is too good an opportunity to miss in terms of mobilising people against this rotten government! Hesitancy has just emboldened a weak government!

  2. 281 votes

    Stop trying to rehabiliate exploitative capitalism and publicaly promote another social model

    It is clear that economies based upon capitalism are based upon inequality. Mc Dowell recognised this with his "inequality is needed" lines. However it is up to us on the left, those who have a genuine concern with social justice, equality, those of us who dont just play lip service to ... more

  3. 209 votes

    Re-enact Justin Keating 1975 legislation on oil and gas and extend this to all OUR natural resources

    What sort of Ireland we wish to live in. Will it be all about the financial benefit to the few or the maximum benefit to the People of Ireland.
    We believed till recently that the cuts are necessary as the country is in a financial crisis but the truth is Ireland is one of the richest countries i... more

  4. 145 votes

    Aim for economic equality to make democracy meaningful

    It isn't possible to have democracy as long as there are massive disparities in wealth. The rich can influence not only elected representatives directly through donations, but also influence society as a whole through their domination of the mass media. So if we want an equal society where people... more

  5. 140 votes

    Ending of cannabis prohibition to take money and control away from gangs and to regulate sales.

    Cannabis prohibition has failed. The criminal gangs control the market which means they make millions while selling to anyone of any age. With a controlled market we could regulate the sales, bring in taxes, create jobs, save court time and money for simple possession etc.

  6. 137 votes

    Be Radical, think radically

    Be radical, think radically. Let us have the courage to shift our focus away from pure Economics to rebuilding a lost and broken society. We all need to re-shape our society first by focusing on the specific qualities and values that we, the collective desire to see being born. From new beginn... more

  7. 125 votes

    Claiming Our Future - The Irish General Election will take place on 28th April or on 5th May 2011.

    • The Irish General Election will take place on 28th April or on 5th May 2011.
    • Values – Civic Society Values
    • Policy Choices – There is an alternative - Embrace the Claiming Our Future policy choices and implement job creation measures
    • Mobilisation and Awareness Raising
    • Actions

    B... more

  8. 105 votes

    Democratise investment

    We have a system where investment is directed by unaccountable bankers and private investors, yet the decisions which they made were disastrous for the Irish economy. Similar mistakes were repeated the world over. The tax payers are being made to shoulder this burden, yet we still have no say o... more

  9. 92 votes

    Reduce the wages of TD's

    During the 1960's, arguably the era when the politicians of Ireland were last in touch with the plain people of Ireland, TD's received a wage that was slightly below the industrial average.

    Today their wages stand at over three times the average industrial wage. As a result of this all TD's are... more

  10. 79 votes

    Direct Democracy

    Ireland’s political system needs to be changed and its government needs to answer to the electorate.

    The objective of the Direct Democracy Ireland organisation is to reintroduce articles 47 and 48 from the previous Irish constitution of 1922, for the purpose of creating a new platform of sover... more

  11. 73 votes

    Debt forgiveness: When homes are repossessed, the homeloan should be cleared / written off

    It is bad enough to lose ones home without being burdened for ever with debt also. Loans are being written off for developers and bankers - the public who are paying for the mess should have the same privileges. Fairness demands it.

  12. 62 votes

    Address the issues on a 2 tier basis - short term and long term

    Short term- Prioritise actions / contributions which as many as possible Irish people (inc.the diaspora) could make to help in current situation. Mobilise all who would volunteer their expertise / skills / time. There is substantial goodwill out there - avail of it by positive leadership, not neg... more

  13. 43 votes

    govt controls monetary system & takes credit out of equation

    our monetary system should be based on resources of value. The credit/debt circle is not sustainable. Infrastructure, manufacture, trades, natural resources are. the government should control the monetary system through investment and taxation.
    check out this video, money as debt on youtube. htt... more

  14. 41 votes
  15. 32 votes

    Outlaw Political Parties

    As far back as the 1790's the great Republican George Washington recognised that political parties were corrosive to good governance and democracy. In his farewell address he stated that political parties do nothing but;

    "serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinar... more

  16. 29 votes

    Be A Leader Not A Follower:

    Exit the Euro, devalue our punt currency and invest in becoming the only 100% energy independent, agriculturally sound nation in the world.
    We should build industries (manufacturing and educational) that can attract students and like minded people from around the world and brand Ireland as the w... more

  17. 28 votes

    We need ELECTRONIC VOTING (safe & secure) so the people can be consulted more frequently at low cost

    Proper, safe, secure, eVoting will allow the people to be consulted more frequently at low cost. We can demote and reduce politicians if we can regularly, reliably and cheaply have our say. There will be no shortage of people willing to create the software and place it into public ownership .

  18. 27 votes

    Extend democracy in businesses

    Proposals to combat the underlying inequalities in businesses need to deal with the power structures. Other European countries have worker directors as standard, and in some countries this is required by law. EU works councils could be extended in two dimensions: by increasing the range of firms ... more

  19. 27 votes

    Reduce the number of TD’s to 100 divide them into 10 groups of 10, to cover all departments,

    Reduce the number of TD’s to 100 divide them into 10 groups of 10, to cover all departments, Health, Education, Welfare Etc. One person from each department should go forward to represent these departments at cabinet. TD’s are elected to govern not to represent a political party at funerals, loc... more

  20. 26 votes

    Create an Eco-Economic Co-Creative 21st Century System 4 Sustainable Optimisation

    21st Century Design System for Sustainable Society as a leading incentive for International Nations to collaborate in the creation of a new Global Economic model for Sustainable positive growth, merging Holistic Science into the fabric of our institutional mindframes of global organisations as we... more

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