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call a massive protest following on from this event.

1000 people from the broad left gathered in the RDS is too good an opportunity to miss in terms of mobilising people against this rotten government! Hesitancy has just emboldened a weak government!

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    Congratulations to the students on a well organised and impactful protest. Lets keep the momentum going.

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    Yes, we need to mobilse and do so with positive action. Time to get on the streets and say No MORE, we have put up with this for too long now and Saturday at the RDS showed us we as a nation can come together and we can put forward positive ideas and we don't have to go along with the same old mantra we are hearing from the government that their way is the only way!!

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    Yes Brian. The CoF event has been broadly ignored by the mainstream media. I hope that last Saturday's congress wasn't just a single flash in the pan. It would be great seeing it as a start of a huge movement towards a sustainable future for Ireland.

    People need to stay on the ball. We need to establish the word "solidarity" in our heads and should not forget that we are many.

    We are able to grow. And with a decent amount of a will, but only then, we will overcome this rotten system.

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    Thank you Charlie. I see that there are quite a few people who aren't convinced about the usefulness of mass protest. I think that on its own it isn't very useful but where it is used as a support to movements like the Claiming Our Future, new parties or organisations suc as Fís Nua etc, then it becomes something truly worthwhile and is mutually beneficial. I was disappointed to see the lack of coverage of the weekend's RDS gathering in the mainstream media. Did it get even 5 minutes on RTE?, not on the ... more

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    Good post, Brían ó Cualáin. You're getting things prety much to the point.
    We need to develop something very strange for most Irish: Solidarity!
    The real enemy is not amongst us. The real enemy is on the other side of the fence.

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    There is a lot of self serving information in terms of economy and the whole attitude of the business and governing class to strikes. Of course they are going to tell us it cost the economy x amount. But the point is we are not an economy, we are a community and we need to balance our priorities in terms of long term goals. The business and governing class is never going to tell you that a strike is anything other than a negative for. For them,
    . Everything is calculated in terms of the bottom line.
    . St... more

  7. What I saw on Saturday was a lot of people concerned about this nation and it's direction. Many of those I spoke to were prepared to get involved and do their bit. The French strike cost their economy 4 billion!!! Do we want to inflict more damage on our little country? Surely we can do something much more useful and constructive?

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    Yes indeed. Ensure all local radio and newspapers which are very powerful in their own way of motivating locals outside of Dublin.
    Should we all have similar banners or larger notices of our intent etc.
    All we hope it the weather and timing is works well for us all.

    Dermot Hayes

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    At the very least we need a massive protest but what we really need is:

    1. A national day of action (before the budget).
    2. A series of Pickets on Government TD's offices (before the Budget).
    3. A series of rolling strikes (before the budget).
    4. A national strike on the day of the budget and a blockade of the Dail.
    5. Occupation of public buildings After the budget.

    What I saw on Saturday was classic abuse victim behaviour. The attitude of a lot of the attendees and all the organisers was &qu...; more

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    We have less than 5 weeks to present to the public an alternative to the cuts
    This is going to be a differcult task. I was hoping that the event would have produced such demands. Based on what was done though, which was great, we need to put a clear set of demands together
    Along with the demand for Keating like legislation on our natural resources the Community Platform is call to:
    1. Reduce tax breaks for the wealthy to EU levels
    2. Introduce a Wealth Tax for high earners with assets worth more than €1m... more

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    Protests can change things.
    They form one element of a strategy for change. Protests can act as a catalyst for people, who may otherwise be apathetic, to actively pursue change. They can force people to sit up, take notice, question things and start informing themselves about the issues and what options there are. Many, many people in this country still exist with their heads in the sand - they have been trained never to question, never to think.
    Protests can also incite genuine fear among the elite. ... more

  12. Completely with you, James. Two years of the Govt making things worse and we accept no election until 2012? Earliest May 2011? Giving them up to two more years of wrecking? We need to surround the Oireachtas and Govt complex until they are driven out, as in Ukraine and in Iceland. It needs the same degree and level of organisation, logistics, and commitment. If civil society organisations will not provide these, and I somehow cannot see ICTU doing it, being so locked into the corporate state, we need imm... more

  13. Well intentioned but I think we need solid policies, concrete things to do
    Protests can be ignored (and will be)
    They already know people are mad as ****. Good luck with the protest, I just don't think its where to put our efforts

  14. Let me qualify that a bit more. A protest may be effective, when it is coupled with other forms of action (eg strikes etc), and can become the face of the actions. Protests for the sake of it, that is wasted energy, at least in my experience.

  15. I don't believe a protest will change anything. We've had protests, and what have they changed? Nothing, rather than venting anger, and giving the participant a feeling of having done something... Would question their effectiveness.
    The claiming our future initiative on the other hand is a much more innovative initiative, and I hope that a lot of momentum will come from this excellent initiative, and that this will last far beyond the actual day! The massive oversubscription to the event is an indicatio... more

  16. another 'massive protest' suggestion. Its all I've heard suggested from the SWP over the years, whether from the Irish Social Forum efforts and elsewhere, so am assuming you must be a member james (no SWP swipe intended). Protests, which require a lot of energy, and then lead to nothing simply dissipate the energy that could be used more productively elsewhere. Protests, and Joe Duffy or blogs, do little more than offer a temporary release valve to reduce building tensions and anger, before its back to t... more

  17. i don't think protests are going to help constructively at this point. yes, i am angry, frustrated etc too ,the majority of the country is i guess,and cynical about the present political system,economic valuesetc,but i'd rather be part of channeling the disaffection into a positive movement for equality,quality of life,justice,sustainability etc

  18. see my related idea.. something creative.. something symbolic.. something which can't be ignored.. something inclusive.. non-political even.. but i won't vote for just another protest...

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    The politics of despair! If marches changed anything they would make them illegal. (Having said that, marches and rallies do help to politicise people.) Hitting the streets and staying on the streets until this bunch of spivs and wide-boys vacate dail eireann seems like the way to go. We're way past marching ... Mobilise your sleeping bags comrades!

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    I just think that'll develop by itself on the Saturday. A little bit of a spontaneousness is not bad. And people who are committed will go anyhow. You better motivate the people at the event then before I believe. Every single participant can organise something. I think it's not the task of CoF to organise a protest. I see this event as a provided platform where people of different directions / groups / organisations can come together and learn from each other. We should appreciate all the work of the or... more

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