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Democratise investment

We have a system where investment is directed by unaccountable bankers and private investors, yet the decisions which they made were disastrous for the Irish economy. Similar mistakes were repeated the world over. The tax payers are being made to shoulder this burden, yet we still have no say o... more

  1. re taking credit out of the equation. I think we might still need some but we can certainly limit its presence. I and many of my friends have long since torn up our credit cards and I know that is something many others are working towards. Yet there are many services unavailable or difficult to purchase except on credit, such as flights online, hotel accomodation, dublin bike scheme etc., The world isn't quite ready to let us to live creditlite.

  2. Govt's need to control banks and circulation of money. We need to take credit out of the equation.

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    Given that we have in effect bought the banks anyway through NAMA it is particularly ridiculous that our money is being left in the hands of the same old gang of super rich directors to allocate as they see fit - which means in ways that will make profits for their mates. This proposal would in effect transform the banks into credit unions under the control of the people.

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    There is a more Democratic system availible in this country. It is the Credit Union movement. Therefore we can each take responsibility for Democratising the financial sector by using the Credit Union insead of the bank, and by participating in the processes of the Credit union.

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