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  1. As one of those who was involved in the Tax Marches through the Galway Council of trade unions I was totaly disheartened by the way the ICTU took over the campaign and effectivly lost it for the workers in that nothing came of it. I am fearfull that the same thing will happen with this campaign.
    On the other hand I agree somewhat with the comments about protest marches - Same Faces at each and numbers dwindling for each.
    One of the problems as I see it is that most people feel there is no alternative as they are not made aware by the press of the lack of taxation of our wealth. This country is one of the richest in the world in terms of natural resources Lead, Zinc, Gold, Oil and Gass yet most of this is only taxed at 12.5% after a raft of allowances up to 120% of costs.
    Marie sugests that "We must recognise that the cuts are designed to privitise Health, Education and other essential services that can make the rich wealthier". This is at our cost. Time for changes but how?

  2. I agree with what Noel says about the Labour Party and like hime generaly vote for them. I have argued with senior members for some time now that the only way Labour should go into power after next election is if they are the senior party in any coalition. Otherwise they are only propping up the right as FG and FF are the same. Which ever one it is will be calling the shots.
    By them staying out FF & FG will have to coalis leaving a strong oposition and alternative government for the future. In my opinion FG are only there to take power if FF loose an election thus keeping the status quoe.

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