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2) Pursue economic development that serves people Forum

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  1. 64 votes

    Popular education on democracy and political ecomony

    A co-ordinated programme of popular, inclusive education with the aim of empowering people to make decisions about exactly what type of economic development. The desire to serve the people is not enough, the economy must be be organised by the people

  2. 53 votes

    Campaign for a common eurozone minimum wage

    In order for European integration to serve the ordinary European wage-earners, rather than being a vehicle for a race to the bottom by competing corporate interests playing national workforces off against each other, we need to move to convergence of a common Eurozone minimum wage. This would als... more

  3. 39 votes

    Invest in, and maximize job creation in a green economy

    Invest in, and maximize job creation in a green economy including ecosystem protection, renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon reduction and bio-diversity.

  4. 29 votes

    Create an economy to serve the interest of the common good.

    This will require the creation of a state development bank into which our people can move their savings, mortgages and looans and provide monetary and practical assistance to small businesses - a bank that will be part of a longer-term planned development rather than the short-term shareholder-dr... more

  5. 23 votes

    Promote the social economy

    Develop the social economy and jobs in areas such as care services, facilities in disadvantaged communities and cultural initiatives.

  6. 21 votes

    Have a maximum limit on total personal wealth

    Pretty simple solution towards a more equal society. Lets simply tax at 100% all total income. Im not gonna fixate on a figure, but iim sure the majority of people on the planet would really like to hear why anyone "needs" more than €250,000 a year to live on.
    Sure it might be a diffic... more

  7. 17 votes


    Develope and export high quality/ up-market/ organic/free-range/gm-free finished-foods: meat+veg.

  8. 15 votes

    Prioritises indigenous economic activity

    Implement a new economic strategy that prioritises indigenous economic activity by supporting the start up and growth of locally owned enterprise

  9. 11 votes

    A social and economic infrastructure for the whole population

    Develop the social and economic infrastructure to serve the interests of the whole population.

  10. 10 votes

    Put into law the Directive Principles of Social Policy as enshrined in article 45 in ourconstitution

    If this happened, then any laws or public policy introduced would have to conform with these principles. While we might want to revise the principles in light of contemporary Ireland, have a read of the actual text of Article 45 - it's surprisingly relevant to the challenges we're facing today. I... more

  11. 7 votes

    Develop Impact Benefit Agreements to ensure communities benefit from large development projects

    Bypasses, large industrial estates, pipelines, motorways - such projects are often lauded as producing development dividends but local communities, and the environment, may experience huge disruption, if not destruction, as a result. Why not introduce legislation into our planning laws, and intro... more

  12. 5 votes
  13. 4 votes

    Replace the concept of the minimum wage with that of a LIVING wage

    I think we should replace the notion of a minimum wage with that of a LIVING wage. Most people on a minimum wage cannot afford to have, in the longer-term, a life of dignity and participate in a meaningful way in their communities and in Irish society on such a low income.

  14. 3 votes

    Make it illegal to trade in goods made in sweat shops.

    This would not only help to stop exploitation abroad, but also stabilise our own economy.

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