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Be Radical, think radically

Be radical, think radically. Let us have the courage to shift our focus away from pure Economics to rebuilding a lost and broken society. We all need to re-shape our society first by focusing on the specific qualities and values that we, the collective desire to see being born. From new beginn... more

  1. I support Audrey Kirwans two pillars. In fact, the first one, "how can I help" has already begun in a smaller way. The web site, <> is helping to match people with the relevant skills to community, volunteer, and related institutions and it is working well!

  2. LETS is a good system David. The people working in the Revenue Commissioners are good people, many of whom disagree with what is happening in this country. Let us all work to defeat the corruption of the few rich people destroying this country.

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    Search the web for 'LETS' systems. There are a few in place around Ireland, many more in the UK and Switzerland has the long-established 'WIR' system.

    I hope what you're looking for (and with which I totally agree) will naturally emerge, given the emasculation of the working population of this country by politicians and their handlers.

    The Revenue Commissioners won't like it but who likes them? ;))

  4. I question the idea of helping out for free. While I think there is a place in everybody's life for volunteer work, why should we not get some kind of compensation in kind for work we do. It does not have to be in Euro, it can be in trade. On a simple level it would go like this: A builder is not getting enough work to afford child care. A person who has the time to look after a child need work done on their house. These people could be brought together and negotiate some sort of exchange.

    In a ... more

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    It's good to know there are so many people out there who value the things that are most important and are always free - empathy, sharing, helping, a commitment to the common good, ethics... This first idea will could foster a framework to allow people to put those things into action. Surely that is basis for better living ? TO BE OF SERVICE are important words to be actioned. There are many people who try to work and live like this (for fair reward) but who grew despondent in the last decade at the seemi... more

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    We also need to act radical. Call a protest after this conference

  7. Audrey

    Appreciate your update and your explanation of where you are coming from. Whilst I have nothing against individuals empowering themselves in a positive way that provides for stronger community ethos I cannot accept that societal change is possible without a direct link to political and thus economical change that not only redistibrutes the wealth equally but ensures that this is always the case because in exercising wealth distribution properly it does away with the wealthy! What I am worried a... more

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    Good ideas, well put Audrey. I've already done what you suggest in step two: deliberately cut my wage and working hours, downsized everything. The trouble is, I end up busier as I can now get on with stuff that's been put off for years!

    I would question peoples' need for so much money. Once you're out of debt (which is one of the most liberating things you can do), you actually need very little money.

  9. This year i grew peppers from seed and i was reassured when i saw them develop and mature as programmed by their nature.All i had to do was provide the conditions i.e. basic nutrients and enjoy watching them fulfill their potential.The scientific knowledge underpinning how Human Beings grow and develop and in particular the conditions required to achieve their full potential are well known and documented but sadly to date have not permeated our Policy Makers.There may be a Deafness or Blindness within ou... more

  10. Ciaran I hope I meet you at 'Claiming our Future' as Everything I read fro you makes so much sense. I am not against volunteering one's time and expertise but only where it is for ones personal satisfaction. I am full time unpaid Project Director of ALa Community Theatre. I get great personal satisfaction from doing it and hope that people benefit from involvement in it. What I disagree with is the replacement, due to cutbacks, of paid staff in many organisations by voluneers. Many of these volunteers ha... more

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    Ciaran, my idea, consciously did not address the political dimension and current structures - deliberately so. Other ideas presented have addressed that issue very well. My personal view is that as individuals, in focusing on how we can help one another, we move forward as a society - as simple as that. Also, knowing that we can help ourselves through personal choice is empowering on an indiviudal level. These suggestions aim to address just a small aspect of what we all know is a very big problem.

  12. Appreciate the underlying motive and humanistic message but it clearly does not go far enough in terms of actual societal change. Whilst it might radicalise us in terms of how we treat each other and our individual needs, it does nothing to actually radicalise our governance which despite all that we might think requires a certain amount of economic analyses and vision. In fact I feel your suggestions are potentially contradictory in that you state 'energy back into the system'. The system - the capitali... more

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    the skill sharing idea is a wonderful idea. but it will only work if we can find a way to avoid being penalisied by the 'system'. those who are unemployed and reciept of social welfare payments can denied these payments if they are not 'availible for work'. and the department includes volunteering in this. we need to challange this, to make them distinguish between un-employed to un-waged.

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    I consider both suggestions excellent. the second needs courage but knowing that others have done it or are doing it can often provide the motivation.

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    Beautiful idea! I am always wondering why with so many unemployed at the moment can we not organize collective action, volunteering, community development etc

    I'm sure their are a lot of people who having worked most of their lives are now feeling underutilised, bored and frustrated. By giving up some of their time to help neighbors and benefit the community, they will not only bring structure back to their lives, feel needed, feel a sense of accomplishment and as well as everything I'm sure future empl... more

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    Great. That's what we need, ACTION. I am happy to share the ideas I have about design structure & layout (from a business view point). My expertise is in business/project management. Happy to help you in any way I can. I thought maybe a name like "Resource Network" or something akin would help people find it, but detail like that can be finalised later. Feel free to contact me directly if you want my help. Audrey. [email protected]

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    I've just registered the name (it's Irish for "help") and will have a shot at making this kind of a site in the next couple of weeks.

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    This is an excellent idea, one that I am going to try to put into practice (as a web-designer). The skills that I can offer for free are web and graphic design, so I might have a look at trying to get a site like that started. Hopefully others will post their skillset asap.

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    Great idea, we need to shift from living in an economy to living in a society!

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    Great idea, we need to shift from living in an economy to living in a society!

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