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  1. 60 votes

    Achieve greater income equality

    Achieve greater income equality through wage, tax and income policies that ensure maximum income is not more than a specific multiple of the minimum income and ensure every person has a guaranteed minimum income sufficient to live life with dignity.

  2. 31 votes

    Increase the tax take and broaden the tax base.

    Increase the tax take and broaden the tax base by, for example, introducing asset tax, or land value tax or tax on financial transactions.

  3. 26 votes
  4. 24 votes
  5. 20 votes
  6. 14 votes
  7. 12 votes

    Public sector is a mess and need to be restructured

    Small bureaucracy in decision making processes is crucial and much needed. Long delays to provide services at the right time is caused by long administrative structure. If the services could be well identified, planned and implemented by appropriately qualified people at the right time and right ... more

  8. 10 votes

    Legislation enforcing Good Practice in Public Service

    Many of us involved in dealing with the Public Service have years of experience seeing poor practice and examples of good practice being ignored. This costs the state (and ultimately the tax payer) enourmous amounts of money - but is never recognised. There are many areas where good practice is... more

  9. 8 votes

    Strengthen, individualise, and increase the flexibility of, the social protection system.

    Strengthen, individualise, and increase the flexibility of, the social protection system.

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