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1) General Forum

26 votes

Create an Eco-Economic Co-Creative 21st Century System 4 Sustainable Optimisation

21st Century Design System for Sustainable Society as a leading incentive for International Nations to collaborate in the creation of a new Global Economic model for Sustainable positive growth, merging Holistic Science into the fabric of our institutional mindframes of global organisations as we... more

  1. I agree with Louise and HardWorkingEejit. Untie your tongue. Does not deserve a vote until the idea is put plainly. No harm in trying again hey!!

  2. I agree with HardWorkingEejit. Some of the words you are using make me think I would agree with you but the corporate double speak vibe also makes me wonder if this post is not merely a prank. Clarification would help.....

  3. This may be a noble aspiration but I have no idea what it is you mean ... please explain

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