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6) Democratic reform Forum

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  1. 88 votes

    All decision makers should be elected, mandatable and recallable

    Our current model of decision making is deeply flawed as even where people are elected they are not accountable except at the next election. This allows them to lie about their intentions, get into a position of power and do the opposite of what they promised. We should have a system where all ... more

  2. 42 votes

    Develop participatory and deliberative forms of governance.

    Develop participatory and deliberative forms of governance, greater diversity in representative governance, greater levels of devolved government and more open and transparent government.

  3. 26 votes

    Citizens should be able to propose new laws or change existing ones

    Imagine if voters could propose legislation or suggest changes to existing laws through a legally recognised, credible process? In British Columbia, Canada, the statue books include an 'Initiative' process whereby voters can apply to have a petition issued by the Chief Electoral Officer to gather... more

  4. 25 votes

    Enhance democratic participation by investing in the advocacy role of civil society organisations.

    Enhance democratic participation by investing in the advocacy role of civil society organisations and in citizenship educations in schools.

  5. 22 votes

    Term limits for members of the Dail.

    Set a maximum amount of time that any individual can be a member of parliament. I would suggest 3 terms or 10 years - whichever comes first.

    When a legislator hits their limit, provide them with capital and/or re-training so that they can go back to the workforce (i.e., go back to being ordin... more

  6. 19 votes

    Turn the seanad into a citizen jury

    The basic idea is that the Seanad consists solely of citizens selected entirely at random the electoral register (with some exceptions like excluding current or ex-TDs, councillors, judges, etc.). It would be a legal duty to attend, just as for a jury in the courts.

    This ideas was mentioned brie... more

  7. 18 votes
  8. 17 votes

    Reform the Senate as it's currently a €200 mil burden on the state and failed as a govt watchdog

    As recognised last year by most political analyst the Senate needs dramatic reform. A level of accountability and fairer system of election are needed to make it relevant in todays political system.

  9. 16 votes

    Provide a legal basis for collective bargaining.

    Provide a legal basis for collective bargaining.

  10. 14 votes

    Introduce a Recall Process for all elected representatives

    If an elected representative has engaged in any activity that is clearly contrary to the public interest, then voters in their electoral area should have the right to recall their representative through a process that's properly administered and fairly adjudicated. The Province of British Columbi... more

  11. 14 votes

    Make education in civic duty and morality a compulsory subject at secondary school level

    A citizenry ignorant of democratic principles and civic duty will get the government they deserve

  12. 13 votes

    Open up ministerial appointments to non-politicians

    In most other European countries (apart from the UK) a considerable proportion of ministers come from outside of the legislature. We have a capacity to do this via the Seanad for 2 ministers, but it hardly ever happens. We need to change the constitution to allow a significant proportion of minis... more

  13. 11 votes

    Change our voting system to a partial PR List system.

    Our politicians in the dail focus too much on local issues ignoring national problems. I advocate half our representatives should come from lists provided by the parties of people they consider to be experts in areas such as economics, planning, environment etc.... these folks will not be bound b... more

  14. 10 votes

    Legislate for Cabinet accountability

    Collective responsibility in Cabinet must mean Collective accountability before the law.
    Evolving from this would be accountability at all levels and legal retribution for corruption , negligence and gross incompetence.
    Legislation for private sector institutions must seperately be enacted .Cur... more

  15. 7 votes

    Strategy- start from here

    As a starting point for achieving impact once general agreement is reached set about a process of flipping the power balance towards citizens through an agressive process of participation in what already exists...for example
    1.Carry out a month long reseach project to identify every existing op... more

  16. 7 votes

    We also need to develop proposals for democratic reforms at higher levels of givernance.

    This would include at the level of the EU (where business have been successful in setting agendas but the companies that lobby for them have been reusing to register and declare fully their interests) and in global bodies like the WTO and IMF.

  17. 3 votes
  18. 1 votes

    separate national and local politics through a smaller Dail and council reform

    We need a citizens assembly of some sort to define current policy and practice on the issues of the day. And we need the politics of the local Fix-It reps, who in the best examples attract positive developments to their areas, support their constituents in their engagements with the State and hav... more

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