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Direct Democracy

Ireland’s political system needs to be changed and its government needs to answer to the electorate.

The objective of the Direct Democracy Ireland organisation is to reintroduce articles 47 and 48 from the previous Irish constitution of 1922, for the purpose of creating a new platform of sover... more

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    This has to come sooner rather than later. The 'elected representatives' we are stuck with have absolutely no interest in what the people are saying, and they certainly have no desire to change anything. Their nests are well feathered.

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    This is the MOST important issue, and most available issue which can be instigated, prior to the many other issues withstanding.

  3. Separate national and local politics through a smaller Dail and council reform

    We need a citizens assembly of some sort to define current policy and practice on the issues of the day. And we need the politics of the local Fix-It reps, who in the best examples attract positive developments to their areas, support their constituents in their engagements with the State and hav... more

    We need a citizens assembly of some sort to define current policy and practice on the issues of the day. And we need the p... more

  4. The ideas you mentioned are good. How do we go about achieving these objectives?, What is your plan?
    We already have albeit extremely limited form of Dircect Democracy here with the requirement for referendums to amend the constitution.
    If you support candidates that "support" direct democracy how can you run against them in a general election?
    And where would your party stand on issues like Social Welfare , Health. Tax, and all the other issues?
    Your manifesto makes no mention of these.

  5. This is more than needed as democracy in Ireland at the moment is not democracy but a totalitarian dictatorship.

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    Thank you for your comments. Here is a link to our website for more information about direct democracy in Ireland:

  7. this is a great oppertunity to give power back to the people,the irish nation is crying out for this

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    Unless we give the power back to the citizens as outlined in our First Constitution, articles 47 & 48, there will be no hope of any REAL change for the future - as it stands, we will just 'more of the same' and we now know this mjust NOT/NOT be allowed to continue.

  9. Time to make our forefathers ideals a reality! Freedom and justice for every citizen, Man, woman and child! Those are the principles on which this republic was built in 1922!

  10. I think we need a new constitution from the scratch. First of all: strict secularism.
    We have to start with a blank sheet, and then adopt the good values of our existing constitution.
    Our parliamentary democracy needs to become overhauled.
    More power to local councils with an own budget. No more unelected county managers.
    A 50:50 solution how the Dáil shall be elected.
    One half like the existing TDs from local lists.
    The other half from a nationwide list.
    Abolishing the unelected Seanad.
    Other countries ... more

  11. If ever Ireland needed to review the framework of its existing institutions with a view to achieving constitutional reform that enhances the rights of individuals and underwrites the processes of good government, that time is now. Carpe Diem!

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    Totally agree. Plus, agree with the Finnish concept, directly elected people in local arena, sent forward to national level preferably with relevant qualifications and absolutely zero tolerance for any conflicts of interest. No more cronyism and clientelism in this country. Bring back the 1922 constitution, remove all inequality from all legislation, incorporate the UN and EU declarations on human rights, children's rights etc. Bring in a national identity card (I know that bothers some) and use ATM-like... more

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    Time for change...!! Direct Democracy Ireland...make this Democracy a real one because the one we have is not..!

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    We need to give the power of referendem back to the people so we can start to rebuild our country and not be held to ransom.

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    Ciaran : Stop thinking EXPENSIVE REFERENDA
    Think safe reliable eVoting as well, so we can be consulted frequently and at low cost.

  16. I think the system in Finland is one that is worthy of a close look. They seem to elect local councillors to a total of circa two hundred councils. This eliminates the prevalence of faceless party politics. The candidates are locally known and need to be locally active and proven to gain support.
    The elected council then send forward one representative to the national parliament. The representative must gain the respect of his/her peers to be selected. They remain accountable to the local council for th... more

  17. Some interesting points but when we re-write the constitution can we not enshrine in the same that actual democratic decisions are made in consultation and negotiation with the people. This will thus provide for better democratic decision making and remove the need for expensive referenda. It will aslo ensure true democratic accountability and thus ensure that those that govern do so at the behest of the people and to the best of their abilities. Democracy should primacy to the collective and its interes... more

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