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Be A Leader Not A Follower:

Exit the Euro, devalue our punt currency and invest in becoming the only 100% energy independent, agriculturally sound nation in the world.
We should build industries (manufacturing and educational) that can attract students and like minded people from around the world and brand Ireland as the w... more

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    Sean, Up to the last sentence I am in full agreement. Handing any large amounts of money to businesses without securing a good return to the exchequer is simply back to the ways that have all but destroyed our economy.

    I would suggest that you add to your liist of admirable ideas the securing the future of and developing the potential of what remains of our state and semi-state industries. Our Universities have an excellent record in developing new technologies so instead of handing over new innova... more

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    Yes all of the above and invest in our people particularly our children empower them to think for themselves especially in our education systems and to support them in anyway that will enable them to be the best they can be.

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