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1) General Forum

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Outlaw Political Parties

As far back as the 1790's the great Republican George Washington recognised that political parties were corrosive to good governance and democracy. In his farewell address he stated that political parties do nothing but;

"serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinar... more

  1. Washington also kept slaves,

  2. I totally agree here - We have a history of different political parties getting into power and false promises - all serving members of government should be independant - And the public should also be able to vote what role/position that individual should hold in government; for example I do not want a trained solicitor to be in charge of the finances of my country - i want someone who has previous experience in finance to be the one. Ultimately us the public are hiring our government each election - no... more

  3. 1

    Bernard, are you really taking this seriously ? Thats reason enough to not vote for you and your platform of like minded candidates. Can you not distinguish between harmless venting of frustration and serious suggestions ?

  4. Why shouldn't I be able to band together with those of a similar position to my own and present that platform to the electorate. That is what a political party is. No more. No less.

  5. 1

    Yes, but what do we replace them (& the senate & president) with ?

    One concrete proposal is to let the people vote directly using "Barcode on paper" eVoting (one of the suggestions in this general forum .... see .... "We need ELECTRONIC VOTING (Safe & Secure) ...").

    "Barcode on paper" eVoting means the votes cast are NOT stored on discs or in any electronic form, they are stored as printed barcodes (Ink on paper) and cannot be tampered with any more or less tha... more

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