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Aim for economic equality to make democracy meaningful

It isn't possible to have democracy as long as there are massive disparities in wealth. The rich can influence not only elected representatives directly through donations, but also influence society as a whole through their domination of the mass media. So if we want an equal society where people... more

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    This proposal is a no brainer. Ireland was headed towards a sick wasteland of a country where a very small number of persons would control a massive share of the national wealth, similiar to some of those countries run by dictator's, and of course the USA.

    This economic crisis could be the best thing that's happened to us as a people. It is now time to take stock, learn from the mistakes, and ensure that future governments make provisions to give every Irish citizen a fair crack of the whip. in terms ... more

  2. 3

    I cant say this any better Andrew. Along with the re-enactment of Keatings legislation and extension to all OUR natural resources i believe the Community Platform has it right is calling on Minister Lenihan to:

    1. Reduce tax breaks for the wealthy to EU levels

    2. Introduce a Property Wealth Tax for high earners with assets worth more than €1million

    3. End Tax Exile loopholes by making citizenship the basis for taxation for high earners

    4. Apply PRSI and income levies t... more

  3. This is actually possibe. It requires a total rebuild of the system, and will not be achieved without a fight. But it is possible.

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