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Reduce the wages of TD's

During the 1960's, arguably the era when the politicians of Ireland were last in touch with the plain people of Ireland, TD's received a wage that was slightly below the industrial average.

Today their wages stand at over three times the average industrial wage. As a result of this all TD's are... more

  1. I definitely agree with Séan. Politicians have certainly lost touch with ordinary people. Apart from their ludicrously high salaries, many claim expenses which should be taken out of their salary instead of placing extra burden on the taxpayer.

  2. separate national and local politics through a smaller Dail and council reform

    We need a citizens assembly of some sort to define current policy and practice on the issues of the day. And we need the politics of the local Fix-It reps, who in the best examples attract positive developments to their areas, support their constituents in their engagements with the State and hav... more

    We need a citizens assembly of some sort to define current policy and practice on the issues of the day. And we need the p... more

  3. Fully agree with comment below (Noel Martin). Have to reduce the size of the Dail, number of councillors and scrap the senate completely. Should be step one in fixing the country.

  4. If we really want to think radically, then the Dail representation should be reduced to 78 (three per county). They should be paid 30% above the average wage. No expenses as the 30% payment over and above the average wage would compensate for expenses claims. They should only be entitled to one pension on mandatory retirement at 66 years and the pension should be either the Old Age Pension or TDs pension or If they achieve the level, Minister's pension. Taoiseach's pension should be abolished as should t... more

  5. 2

    Politics should be a vocation, not a slush fund. Of course pay enough to make sure everyone has the means to participate. Also Ministers etc, should be paid the same as regular TDs, its an honor to hold such an office!

  6. 3

    i would be happy with some accountability and responsibilty. This is the rock we perished on .In an equal society we are accountable to each other. there is on none take responsibilty for any of the mistakes of the past and until that happen and trust is regained we are screwed. A new way forward has to be based on the individual in theDail taking responsibilty for thier depts. A cull on senior faceless civil servents is a must also.

  7. 3

    I agree that the salaries of TDs should be looked at and i think that all expenses they claim should also be vouched for as i believe that this is the one area that they take advantage of . How can any one person run up an expense sheet for over 100,000 Euros when travelling up to Dublin for dail affairs from any town in Ireland.

  8. abbey a citizen assembly for the seanad great idea

  9. TD's salaries must be reduced, however, I do believe it should be higher than the avrage industrial wage to attract suitable persons who are willing to serve us as a nation. Saleries should be in line with other european countries equal to our population. I would propose reducing the number of TD's by at least 80, suspend the Senead for a 5 year period. It is the cabinet which runs the country, TD's only required to carry the vote. Park and sell all state cars. No Person should be paid to go to work.... more

  10. 1

    Bernard, Your point is disproven by historical fact. People did it previously, and made less of a mess than the current overpaid bunch.
    Ref :
    "Suggesting that people would still be willing to sacrifice a home life, so they could work 60 or 70 hour weeks, with no real off time, is non sensical. People wouldn't do it."

  11. This is just part of the anti-politics buzz. We have crap politics in Ireland, not because they are well paid, but because we have repeatedly elected an overwhelming majority of neo-liberals, or gombeen localist clientelist fools.

    Politics costs money to be involved in at a senior level. Suggesting that people would still be willing to sacrifice a home life, so they could work 60 or 70 hour weeks, with no real off time, is non sensical. People wouldn't do it. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, and many... more

  12. 1

    Yes reduce their wages, and reduce their numbers, but what do we replace them (& the senate & president) with ?

    One concrete proposal is to let the people vote directly using "Barcode on paper" eVoting (one of the suggestions in this general forum .... see .... "We need ELECTRONIC VOTING (Safe & Secure) ...").

    "Barcode on paper" eVoting means the votes cast are NOT stored on discs or in any electronic form, they are stored as printed barcodes (Ink on paper) and... more

  13. Simple, but effective. Easy question: why are the paid so much?

    Reduce the wages.

  14. Reduce the wages of TDs. The proposal to slash politicians wages is appropriate.
    Like bankers the less the politicians do, the more inefficient the work from TDst they continue to claim the same rewards.

    A tiny island has a prime minister with one of the largest salaries in the developed world.
    Pro rata the rest of them right down to the county councillors.
    We must have reform, accountability and prosecution for negligence, waste of public funds etc

    There is no incentive to be pro active.
    Do no... more

  15. 1

    I would add that the upper house should be elected randomly like Jury duty, on an annual or two yearly basis. |This would by definition represent the demographic of the people. They should be paid the average industrial wage. If this is more that they are on when called to duty, they will be pleased and if they fear that doing this job will mean a significant wage cut then they can afford to take out some form of insurance policy to cover this eventuality. we would get women, men, straight, gay , marri... more

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