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  1. Ciaran, my idea, consciously did not address the political dimension and current structures - deliberately so. Other ideas presented have addressed that issue very well. My personal view is that as individuals, in focusing on how we can help one another, we move forward as a society - as simple as that. Also, knowing that we can help ourselves through personal choice is empowering on an indiviudal level. These suggestions aim to address just a small aspect of what we all know is a very big problem.

  2. Noel, I agree!

  3. Skepticism and doubt is understandable given the history of groups, organisations and institutions in this country. However, regardless of what documents the promoters of the upcoming event produce, it is the will of the people and only the will of the people, that wil be the force for change. The promoters only organised it. Give the people the opportunity to make creative suggestions and provide solutions. Don't write it off - it's too early- give it a chance!

  4. Great. That's what we need, ACTION. I am happy to share the ideas I have about design structure & layout (from a business view point). My expertise is in business/project management. Happy to help you in any way I can. I thought maybe a name like "Resource Network" or something akin would help people find it, but detail like that can be finalised later. Feel free to contact me directly if you want my help. Audrey. [email protected]

  5. Yes, current power strucutres are oppressive & restrictive and prevent the real issues from being addressed and solutions implemented. People empowerment will come when everyone realises that we each have a choice to put society first in building an economy.

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