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  1. 22 votes

    Gender Quotas

    Introduce party candidate gender quotas of 30%, linked to state funding, for the next two elections to address deplorable gender imbalance in our legislature.

  2. 22 votes

    Create a complementary currency

    By starting a complementary currency, as has been done in many communities throughout the world, we can take the initiative and trade goods and services amongst each other. This can provide work for the unemployed and sever our reliance on international corporate investment. It also engenders a... more

  3. 20 votes

    Be Radical - Put Population on the Green Agenda

    Without integrating population management as a variable, the green/sustainability agenda is meaningless. Not only impacts the environment but basic economic welfare. According to the green agenda, growth is bad in economic terms but not when it comes to the number of people to feed or pay pensions for.

  4. 15 votes

    Insist on civic training for all citizens: dishonesty in high places is the biggest problem!

    Arrogance and dishonesty throughout society has got us where we are.

  5. 15 votes

    A Few Ideas in one post

    I have only just heard about Claiming our Future today, and unfortunately the event is fully subscribed. I would have loved to have been able to join all you guys, it is great to see so many ideas and people coming together for our nation rather than self interest.
    Since I cannot be there in pers... more

  6. 15 votes

    Start up a National Exploration Company...

    Very simply we have the resources off our coast, within the boundaries of our fishing limits, not in international waters.

    We have the right to drill in the Porcupine Basin or around it and with the benefits of pre-sales surely this would allow us to balance the books in coming budgets without m... more

  7. 14 votes

    A website which details how taxes are spent

    Not just in broad brushstrokes, as in health, education etc, but breakdowns within those headings. Citizens could then make more informed arguments as to where taxes should be directed.

  8. 13 votes
  9. 13 votes
  10. 12 votes

    Our future: physical, not virtual; Localised, not globalised; citizen not consumer

    Prepare for an incremental, immediate and steady decline in our standard of living, converging on a global mean.

    Prepare now for a transition to times when we have to get by on less. When we take less of the global commons to fulfill our local needs.

    Prepare for a fitter, more physical future. ... more

  11. 12 votes

    Do not pass this debt burden to our children .. Deal with it quickly. Take the pain fast and upfront

    We need to take the financial pain sooner not later. Our own greed and apathy created this crisis. If we delay or are slow (already we are slow) correcting the public finances, we're just building up debt for our children to deal with.

  12. 12 votes

    All issues are best handled with the participation of all concerned citizens

    All issues are best handled with the participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual should have appropriate access to information that is held by public authorities, including information on activities in their communities, and the opportu... more

  13. 11 votes

    Common Sense

    I see your national debt touching three times the goverment income this year. Why do we as a people depend on bond investors to finance the yearly running of our country. Why can't we approuch our country finance as we do our personal income.
    Well i can't speak for everyones personal budgets, b... more

  14. 11 votes
  15. 10 votes

    strive in the future to operate within your means.

    An economy that runs on credit is a bad example to the rest of us.

  16. 8 votes

    Re-think Intellectual Property

    Re-think the concept of Intellectual Property to comply with the values of equity, sustainability and the common good. Re-organise the Intellectual Property system to comply with its new definition.

  17. 8 votes
  18. 8 votes
  19. 7 votes

    discuss sexism in advertising. Hunky Dorys, WKD... Sexist "humour" is far too widely accepted.

    I am so appalled by the readiness with which popular companies are willing to denigrate women for the sake of a few laughs. It sends an overwhelmingly negative message to the Irish population, and we need to voice our disapproval.

  20. 7 votes
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