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Be Radical - Put Population on the Green Agenda

Without integrating population management as a variable, the green/sustainability agenda is meaningless. Not only impacts the environment but basic economic welfare. According to the green agenda, growth is bad in economic terms but not when it comes to the number of people to feed or pay pensions for.

  1. This issue deserves discussion and consideration. As the global population continues to grow exponentially, it is likely that over the medium term the all island population will increase. Will it stabilise at 8 million by 2020? Or 10 million by 2050? At the moment, no one knows.

    As the EU creaks under the pressures of natural increase and immigration, Ireland will take a share of the increase, one way or another.

    We need to consider plans for how this will affect people, north and south of the border.

  2. What precisely do you mean by 'population management'? Have to say that this does not sound very benign to me at all... Are we talking about reducing the population? By which means? Why? This triggers a lot of negative and frightening associations for me, it gives me the creeps! It may not be meant like that, but clarification of this term would be needed.

  3. Richard
    well well, here we go again an extreme green with another **** eyed race to save the World.
    Yes a World without humans would be very nice and green.

  4. Ireland has had enough population control thank you very much. You just need to look at population growth trends of Ireland and the UK from around the 1700's to now. If our populations grew at the same rate we would have about 25,000,000 citizens living here. So if anything we are owed about 21,000,000 Irishmen on these shores. When we hit 25,000,000 people living then here lets worry about population control.

  5. How you want to achieve that? Like China? Germany's native population is shrinking since the late 70s (They actually are supporting childbearing for several decades). How did they achieve that without any regulation? Common wealth.
    Massive reproduction can be found in poorer, less educated countries. People are having more children there, because
    they are their personal pension guarantee,
    the mortality is much bigger.
    Common wealth, where people are not afraid of the future, and common (free) education a... more

  6. I'm not sure what this suggestion means....sorry, but 'population management' sounds truly awful, i gotta say!

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