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    Publish 'natural wealth' accounts

    Publish 'natural wealth' accounts. India is set to be first country to publish 'natural wealth' accounts. It's a key demand of the UN study of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), and we should follow India's example.

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    A 25% reduction in mortage debt on all family homes

    By reducing the financial burden of providing a roof over your head you reduce the financial burden people face. they will have more money in their pockets that they will spend and the economy will grow. jobs will be created. anyway the banks are used to haircuts and we own most of them

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    ask about the deal done with Shell.

    this deal was made years ago with Ray Burke who was later convicted for fraud. It is the worst deal done throughout the world on OUR natural resources. Reclaim our resources now. Revisit the deal

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    Establish a NEW BANK from scratch

    Harness the energy, power and creativity of IRISH people everywhere on the planet, to establish a new IRISH bank from scratch. A €603 equity investment and a €1,407 deposit adds up to a €2,010 commitment per individual for ten years. People, if they wish, can participate at €5 per week to build u... more

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    abolish prohibition and regulate all illegal drugs, taxes will fund rehabilitation and education

    At the moment huge sums of money are being spent trying to stop illegal drugs from entering the coutry and being sold on the streets. This is essentially like trying to hold back the sea with a bucket. Added to this is the cost of care and rehabilitation for addicts. Gangs are out of control and ... more

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    • Achieve greater income equality through wage, tax and income policies that ensure maximum incom

    • Achieve greater income equality through wage, tax and income policies that ensure maximum income is not more than a specific multiple of the minimum income and ensure every person has a guaranteed minimum income sufficient to live life with dignity.

    ....I am heartened by your initiative a... more

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    work for dole

    It may be only one or two days a week but people could offer expertise in their fields e.g. costruction workers helping with infrastructure, admin staff could help with the hse etc. In exchange for this work people could receive additional benefits like education, upskilling and training free tra... more

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    Eliminate Stamp Duty

    At the height this was generating €1.3 BILLION - now it's around €100 million. Eliminating it would generate a lot of activity and jobs for valuers / solicitors / surveyors and have a huge knock on effect for trademen as people move house. When they brought CGT down from 40% to 20% a few years ag... more

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    Have a Super Tax on pensions over €50k

    A lot of people have or are in the process getting to retirement with VERY large pensions. Judges / developers / senior public servants / lots of politicians / bankers and so on. Most of these have zero mortgages have lots of excess cash. Wht not have a super tax ie. everything over €50k taxed at... more

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    Set up a Net Taxpayers' Alliance to represent private sector employers & employees

    Set up a Net Taxpayers' Alliance to represent private sector employers and employees. These are the people who pay their own way and carry the rest ie net tax recipients. The objective of the Alliance would be to compel the government to eliminate our budget deficit by removal of waste and unnece... more

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    CITIZENS 'THINK-IN' in my local pub in DunLaoghaire 5.30-7.30pm. Try it

    Last Thursday night I started TAPAS AT McKENNA'S, a Citizens 'Think-In', in my local pub in George's Place, Dun Laoghaire, with 1-MINUTE RANTS and 2-MINUTE PROMOS and an OPPS Board (Opportunities Offered and Sought). There were 16 of us. It went well, and now it's every Thursday night. Tapas ... more

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