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discuss sexism in advertising. Hunky Dorys, WKD... Sexist "humour" is far too widely accepted.

I am so appalled by the readiness with which popular companies are willing to denigrate women for the sake of a few laughs. It sends an overwhelmingly negative message to the Irish population, and we need to voice our disapproval.

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    Are you serious? The last one I saw to which I am referring held the oh-so-witty caption of: "send your girlfriend somewhere really cool - the fridge, for a pork pie.", oh, and there's also: "send your girlfriend a text from the pub - for a ride home."

    God, you are so right. How ludicrous of me not to see the message of empowerment in there. But it's ok of course, because women are beautiful.

  2. I am a woman and I do not agree. Most of these ads portray the power women have over men. What is disappointing is that so many women are either too embarrassed or intimidated to either acknowledge or use this power. Women are beautiful and intelligent, it is great that men recognise this but equally sad that so many woman disapprove of it.

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