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  1. Ireland has had enough population control thank you very much. You just need to look at population growth trends of Ireland and the UK from around the 1700's to now. If our populations grew at the same rate we would have about 25,000,000 citizens living here. So if anything we are owed about 21,000,000 Irishmen on these shores. When we hit 25,000,000 people living then here lets worry about population control.

  2. People can't manage to elect decent hardworking representatives every few years in an election. Now you want them to make regular choices?
    We should focus on electing the best & brightest to get on with running the country. At least then we can get on with our own lives safe in the knowledge we have the greatest minds available working on national issues. Most people want to go to work, get paid & spend time with their friends and family. Voter turnout very low for elections and you can be sure it would be far lower for voting on legislation.

    Also a purely technical standpoint, the only safe computer system is one that is switched off, kept in a safe, in a vault, guarded by an army. Even then safety won't be 100%. Paper might be old fashioned, but when you have a group of tallymen counting ballots as they are being counted it becomes harder to fix elections.

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