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Start up a National Exploration Company...

Very simply we have the resources off our coast, within the boundaries of our fishing limits, not in international waters.

We have the right to drill in the Porcupine Basin or around it and with the benefits of pre-sales surely this would allow us to balance the books in coming budgets without m... more

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    Please try and vote 3 points if you can to get the point discussed on the 30th. I'm sick of having this issue passed over due to the fact Oil and Gas is something we are actually importing.

  2. its the only way to go

  3. 3

    Totally agree, it's about time we had control of our own country financially giving away %'s of Oil and Gas is just the start of what will be sold off by the time it's our turn to run our country.

  4. I'd love to see people out protesting against our inept, inadequate government… its about time they got a good kick in the proverbial to wake them up to the realisation that we wont take any more of their crap… POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! I say.
    I'd also like too see them do some work for their money like the rest of us. The last 12 years they’ve just sat about like zoo keepers feeding the seals throwing European cash like dead fish to the ones who shout the loudest! No easy task I suppose when your nose is in... more

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