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  1. @Noel Thomas - thanks for your comments. However, I would argue that, regarless of the proportion of a quota that they receive, ministers generally don't have a mandate for their specific portfolios (maybe the Taoiseach is an exception here, but, by that logic, Brian Cowen currently has no mandate). TDs are elected to the legislature, then the parties choose which TDs become Ministers, and what portfolios they receive. As such, given that the people don't provide a mandate anyway - wouldn't it be better to allow the legislature to choose ministers from a wider pool than their own ranks?

    @sfa - yes, this would be an improvement, too. My concern with your proposl, however, is that in the hierarchical and centralised Irish system, the 'non-political' junior/dep ministers could be powerless to use their expertise to implement ideas.

  2. Hi Steve - well, I would say that you risk a lot more corruption if you try to impoverish politicians. If, like me, you want to make politics a short/medium term public service and not a lifelong career, then you have to facilitate people moving both in and out of it. I'm not saying you need to make people millionaires, but you have to help them to re-integrate back into normal society after their time in politics.

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