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    We should consider Irish version of micro banking.

    Gameen won the Nobel prize for helping people start their business from scratch with very low interest rates on loans. There are people with money here who could invest that way. It doesn't also have to be about large profits. This could benefit all of us.

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    Emulate the Ukraine 'Orange revolution' with a green one: camp around Dail until this Govt goes

    Two years of the Gov making things worse and you accept no election until 2012? Earliest May 2011? Giving them up to two more years of wrecking? We need to surround the Oireachtas and Gov complex until they are driven out, as in Ukraine and in Iceland. It needs the same degree and level of organi... more

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    Campaign for a constitutional amendment to allow

    A "collective complaint" is not just a "group case" where individuals with an important grievance about their human rights all take the same case. It is a mechanism used under the Revised European Social Charter where an organisation can take a case because the rights of a co... more

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    A Dream for Ireland

    A Dream for Ireland

    I had a dream that the people of Ireland will be inspired to bid for and host The Olympic Games in 2024/28 so that we can celebrate our first century as a Nation and to set a marker and a standard for the next 100 years. The reasoning behind my dream is set out hereunde... more

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    Gain Power - 10 Strategic To Dos

    The Real World is not the world we want. It’s the world we have. You won’t make a difference to it without power. Good thinking and good plans are not enough. You’ve got to close the know-do gap. And there’s only one Taoiseach, one movement leader . There is competition from qualified others who ... more

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