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  1. This idea is one that is heart felt and on one level yes I agree, we do need to value healthcare and education and discussion and thought on what type of world we do wish to live in is important. However, I feel by dismissing capitalism we overlook the power capitalism gives to the individual. Yes capitalism allows businesses to make money on their terms, it also allows us all to spend our money on our terms and as much or as little as we may have that is powerful. We can choose to give our money to businesses whose ideals do not match our own and whose goods and services are inferior, who we know do not treat their customers, their employees or the planet with respect. Or we can acknowledge the power we have as individuals, take the extra time and make conscious decisions about where we spend our money. This may require a change in our habits of consumption and for us to step out of our roles as victims. Capitalism and the corporations that it consists of are often exploitative but they need consumers, probably more than we need the products or services they provide.

  2. I agree with HardWorkingEejit. Some of the words you are using make me think I would agree with you but the corporate double speak vibe also makes me wonder if this post is not merely a prank. Clarification would help.....

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