Results from 30th Oct

Results from first ever consensus deliberation
Saturday 30th Oct 2010

Please also have a look at the full consensors report which gives a detailed breakdown of the results.

Session 1

Values that Claiming Our Future should promote at this moment.

  • Equality
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Solidarity

Session 2a

Making the Economy work for the People – Economy and environment.

  • Change the current development model and define and measure progress in a balanced way that stresses economic security and social and environmental sustainability.
  • Regulate banking to change the culture from one of speculative banking to one where currently state-owned banks and new local banking models focus on guaranteeing credit to local enterprises and communities.

Session 2b

Making the Economy work for the People – Income, Wealth and Work.

  • Achieve greater income equality and reduce poverty through wage, tax and income policies that support maximum and minimum income thresholds.
  • Prioritise high levels of decent employment with a stimulus package to maximize job creation in a green/social economy.

Session 3a

Reforming our State to work for the People – Governance.

  • Reform representative political institutions to enhance accountability, equality, capacity, and efficiency of national and local decision makers.
  • Develop participatory/deliberative forms of citizens’ engagement in public governance and enhance democratic participation by fostering the advocacy role of civil society orgs, civics/ethics education in all school levels and a diverse media

Session 3b

Reforming our State to work for the People – Access to Services and Public Sector Renewal.

  • Provide universal access to quality healthcare, childcare and services for older people.
  • Invest in equality in access to and participation in all levels of education (preschool to university).

Session 5

Discussion to brainstorm five ideas for actions to communicate and build support for the preferred policy choices.

We received around 400 ideas on the day as well as over 200 really well researched ideas in the run up to the event. We are currently tagging them to make it easier for you to search through these ideas and so we can all really benefit from the day

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