Pat Cooper on Midlands Radio

Pat Cooper on Midlands FM 103 tomorrow Wednesday 30th January 2013 just after 11 am.  ‘Midlands Today with Will Faulkner’.

Bit of general on constitutional convention and then specifics on electoral system reform.

Chance to let people know there is an Opportunity to have a say with submissions to Intrinsic value of active citizenship and participation.

We have to find ways for people to have input into decisions that affect them.

Types of electoral systems.  I’m taking the line that we should stick with PR-STV, recognise what the problems are and find ways to improve it. Problems with other systems such as first-past-the-post: LIST: and the hybrid MMS (Mixed Member System)

It would be great if people can text in, especially on how important participation is and how being passive can, over the long-term, be a danger to democracy.

Hey: you can even disagree with my support of PR-STV, but come on, participate

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