Claiming our Future Ideas Event ‘An Economy for Society’

Claiming Our Future is holding its third national event on the issue of developing an economy for society.

The event will take place
11am-4.30pm (registration from 10am) in the Millennium Hall, Cork City Hall, Cork
on Saturday November 5th 2011.

You can register for your free place NOW:

You can download the panels of ideas that will spark the debate here


Our economic model of development is failing us. When judged by purely economic measures such as GDP growth is stagnant. The economic system doesn’t serve society-unemployment is high, public services are being cut and wealth and income are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, creating damaging inequalities.It is bad for the environment- natural resources are rapidly diminishing and ecosystems on which we all depend are being destroyed.

It’s time to talk about alternatives. It’s time to talk about an economy for society.

Claiming Our Future in association with PlanBetter is organising a national discussion on our economic system in Cork. Individuals and people from a wide range of civil society organisations will talk through the issues on November 5th. A working group will be organised to implement the ideas discussed and to promote an economy for society.

What is your vision for social progress?

  • Does our economic system contribute to this vision?
  • How does economic growth serve society, the environment and the economy itself?

Do we need:

  • Stronger regulation of corporation?
  • Technological  innovation?
  • A new  localism?
  • Establishment of a new value base?
  • A steady state economy?
  • Basic Income?

What do we need to do to advance alternatives?

What do I need to do?

This event aims to:

1. Share information and perspectives about whether our current economic system serves our society and the environment and what an economic system based on the values of environmental sustainability and equality would require.

2. Encourage and support debate and action across the country to build support for an economic system based on environmental sustainabilityand equality.

3. Identify initiatives that participants, civil society organisations and Claiming Our Future could take to progress alternatives to the current economic system.

We have produced some documents for the event - please read them and register for this event to discuss them.


10.00 am Registration
11.00 am Opening Plenary - Welcome and introduction to the event.
11.15 am The First Debate – What do we mean by Prosperity? 

What vision for social progress drives us individually and as a society?
What do we mean when we say we aspire to objectives like’prosperity’ ‘development’, ‘well being’ or happiness’?

What do we think is wrong with our current economic system?

12.00 pm Introduction to the second debate at the tables.
12.15 pm The Second Debate – Is Economic Growth Required for Prosperity?
Do we need economic growth?
How does economic growth serve the environment, society and the economy itself?
13.00 pm LUNCH
14.00 pm Welcome back.
14.15 pm Ideas Market Place - Participants circulate in the hall to assess key ideas set out on poster-boards for the elements to an alternative system. 

  • ‘Robust Radical Regulation’
  • ‘A New Localism in a Globalised World’
  • ‘A Steady State Economy’
  • ‘Technological Innovation’
  • ‘Basic Income’
  • ‘Establishing a New Value Base’
  • ‘A Blank Board for Other Elements’
14.45 pm The Third Debate – What needs to be done? 

Sharing reactions to the Ideas Market Place.

What can we do? What could I do?

16.00 pm Closing Plenary - Some Conclusions and Next Steps.
16.30 pm Close.

Register today and join the national discussion in Cork on November 5th 2011

Our 5 Values from our first event:

  • Equality for all
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Accountability from those in power
  • Participation by people in decision making that impacts on them
  • Solidarity between all sectors of society

Our 6 Priorities

  • A sustainable alternative to our boom-and-bust economy
  • A more equal society
  • Change in the way we govern ourselves
  • Decent and sustainable jobs
  • Radical reform of the banking system
  • Reform of our public services


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