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Press Release - Pre Budget 2013 Download here…

Civil society groups highlight alternative ‘Plan B’ Budget choices that are fairer, boost economy & meet deficit targets. Download here…

Download the Spectacle of Defiance and Hope November 24th Poster here ….

Make the Budget about Equality and Employment  - SUPPORT PLAN B - SIGN THE PETITITION ON

10th October 2012 - See our Press Release - IMF Report shows radical change in Budget plans required

26th September 2012 - See our press release Stagnant growth figures show alternative Budget strategy required

Please give people hope for Ireland’s future. Adopt ClaimingourFuture’s Plan B in this year’s Budget.

This is based on:

  • A €2bn state investment programme for jobs, retraining, education, research and indigenous private enterprise;
  • Increasing taxation on wealth and higher incomes;
  • Maintaining public expenditure on essential public, community and voluntary services

To find out more or help with the campaign email [email protected]

Play your part in making this Plan B a reality. Sign the petition on and get others to sign it too – together we can make a difference.

RDS Recall - November 3rd.

We recently circulated a notice for our next event to be held on November 3rd. This now clashes with the campaign run up to the children’s referendum. As a result we have decided not to proceed with this date.

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