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Early in 2010 Is Feidir Linn, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions,  environmental groups, the Community Platform, Social Justice Ireland and TASC began a series of meetings to explore how best to cooperate and coordinate endeavours for a more equal, inclusive and sustainable Ireland. From this beginning, Claiming Our Future evolved.  It has gone on to include many different  organisations such as  trade unions, environmental groups, community groups, migrant worker organisations, youth groups, older people’s organisations, cultural groups, student groups, developing world groups, rural networks, women’s organisations, disability groups, social media and social justice organisations. It is not a political party and does not intend to become one.

The initial meeting of groups lead to an event on Oct 30th 2010 which took place in the RDS and brought over 1,000 people together to vote on what they wanted the future of Ireland to be. You can see the results of that vote on the results page and download the consensors report containing the values and policy ideas they voted on in the right hand side results link. If you agree with those values and ideas and want to become part of the movement to make them a reality please sign up here.

Here is a list of who is currently on the Claiming Our Future co-ordinating and steering groups:

Co-Ordinating Group Steering group

Niall Crowley

Niall Crowley
Mary Murphy Sean Healy
Mike Allen Michael Ewing
Siobhan O Donoghue Mary Murphy
Brian Forbes Nat O Connor
Frances Byrne Brigid Reynolds
Hugh Frazer David Begg
Sara Burke Sally Ann Kinahan
Charles Stanley-Smith Siobhan ODonoghue
Bernard Harbour Charles Stanley Smith
Brid Nolan
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