Media Release: Tax Wealth Campaign stages Dáil protest

Claiming Our Future


29 November 2011   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tax Wealth Campaign stages Dáil protest

The Tax Wealth Campaign of Claiming Our Future staged a protest earlier this morning outside Dáil Éireann on Kildare Street.   Protestors dressed in Irish national team rugby and football jerseys with a giant banner asking the Government to “Answer Ireland’s Call: Tax Wealth Now!”

Photo: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Claiming Our Future (COF) has launched a nationwide campaign calling on the government to enact alternative tax measures on wealthy and high income groups and to end its attack on those on lower and middle incomes.  COF believes the current austerity approach is deflating the economy, leading to more job losses and putting the burden disproportionately onto those who can least afford it.  COF is campaigning for tax measures on wealthy which could generate several billion.  Placards at the protest displayed some of the measures COF is calling for such as:

  • A 1% wealth tax =  €800 million
  • Ending property tax reliefs =  €450 million
  • Reducing landord interest relief = €400 million
  • A 35% minimum effective tax on high earners = 100 million.


“There is still time for this government to decide on a budget that is in the interest of the majority and not a powerful minority elite,” said Siobhan O’Donoghue of COF. “Austerity simply isn’t working.  In spite of the IMF/ECB plan the government retains the power to make political decisions on issues like taxation.  There are alternatives to the savage budget spinning in the airwaves.”


Rory Hearne of COF said, “The wealthy haven’t been called upon to do enough for the common good of the country.  The government needs to demand that they put on a ‘green jersey’ and do more to keep hospitals wards open, classrooms staffed, and to fund a job stimulus.  Most wouldn’t mind being asked to pay more especially when so many of their fellow Irish citizens are suffering.  Getting the country back on its feet is in everyone’s interest.”


Claiming Our Future is a progressive (non-party) movement of people committed a more equal, inclusive and sustainable Ireland. Claiming Our Future also has a nationwide petition calling on the government to enact tax measures on wealthy.


Siobhan O’Donoghue,

Rory Hearne,

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