• Welcome to Claiming our Future. Many thanks to you all who were involved on the day

  • This is the software used on the day, which allowed us to collect the choices, preferences and really serious ideas on the day.

  • The voting is turned off at the moment because we want to keep it as a record of the day

  • You can see the ideas voted on by the 100 tables of 10 on the day of the event, under 'At Event'.

  • You can see the results of each session on the tabs above.

  • The results of the consensus voting are shown as bars representing the percentage of points awarded to each idea.

  • We have also gathered the 'Other Suggestions' made on the day. These are the ideas that individual tables added and are therefore not in the 'consensus' results for the day but will be considered by Claiming our Future.

  • We have 'Tagged' these ideas so as to gather them together under common threads.

  • This has not been optimised for IE 6 - Please use IE 7 or 8 or something else, I haven't the time to deal with IE 6