Reinventing our Democracy

Croke Park
May 26
Register here

Individuals and organizations from the full breadth of civil society will explore new ideas on democracy and share their thinking with each other on how to reinvent our democracy. Register now and join the discussion in Croke Park. This debate is urgent as economic crisis deepens the fault lines in our already flawed democracy.

Funding cuts to community groups have diminished democracy by limiting their capacity to articulate the interests of those living in poverty and inequality. The limited agenda proposed for the Constitutional Convention exposes the lack of energy in our democracy.

We need a ‘high energy’ democracy if we are to emerge from crisis and flourish as a society. We need a democracy that can raise the temperature of politics, develop alternative social and economic models, and embrace both representative and participative forms of democracy.

Join the national discussion in Dublin on May 26, 2012. The agenda for the day and papers on some of the issues to be discussed can be accessed below:

Agenda for May 26 Creating Real Local Governance (Full) Creating Real Local Governance (Abridged) Anna Visser on Near FM
Conditions for Effective Participation (Full) Conditions for Effective Participation (Abridged) The Need to Reform our System of Democracy UCC students on ways to empower citizens


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