Fingal Centre Dublin 26th Oct meeting update

Claiming Our Future
Discussion – 26th October 2010 – The Fingal Centre

General feedback from discussion:

  • Consensus on the absolute need for “Claiming Our Future” movement – there is currently an absence of anything to believe in or get behind collectively.  No strong leader.  Nothing to motivate people.
  • Value on children through education, childcare etc…
  • It was felt that an additional piece was needed specifically relating to the childcare issue in order to increase participation in the labour market.
  • Country being run more like a business – full accountability, performance related salaries etc…
  • So much expertise already within various departments being lost with each new Minister putting their own “stamp” on how things are done.  Need to make full us of all available resources.
  • Less bureaucracy – more frontline services.
  • Promote social economy – change the way it’s perceived.
  • Important to get people to take this from an aspirational stage to a reality.
  • Agreement on the “ensure minimum income” but a lot of disagreement on “ensure maximum income” – felt it would lead to entrepreneurs’ taking ideas elsewhere / possibly be demotivating.
  • A lot of discussion on having an open and transparent government and what that would mean for people.
  • A lot of “reforms” suggested from how people are elected to government, party politics, local government and how decisions are made, Ministers and their expertise or lack of expertise in certain departments.
  • The part the media have to play – accountability / publicity for Claiming Our Future / currently very negative.
  • Important to get our basic values right and have something strong for the country to not only get behind but to believe in.
  • Great that the event on Saturday is sold out, everyone looking forward to it and to showing people that there are many choices that can be made.
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