Citizens March in Limerick Wed 6pm Dec 15th

Citizens’ March in Limerick, Wednesday December 15th.

On Wednesday, the Dáil votes to rubberstamp the massive IMF/European Central Bank loan, forcing the Irish taxpayer, to pay off the debts of private Irish and European banks, at exorbitant interest.

Citizens! You, your children and grandchildren are being asked to pay for the reckless lending of private banks. The consequences of this are already seen in the latest budget, where TDs salaries remained untouched while the lower paid, unemployed and vulnerable groups took large cuts

Claiming Our Future Limerick, a new non-party civic movement, invites citizens to make their voices heard.

Assemble outside Penneys. 6pm. Limerick City.

Walk to Anglo Irish Bank on Henry Street

Bring your Pots and Pans and make some noise. Musicians and drummers welcome.

According to one of the organisers Ellen Dillon from Ardpatrick: “Would you vote for a deal that shackles us to bank debt for generations to come? We are being ignored by the current political class, too busy doing favours for their clients to question the party line or take a stand for their country. Ireland’s citizens need to organise. We need to make it clear to our potential elected representatives that politicians should be making policy, not pulling strokes, and that we need nothing short of a New Republic.”


Claiming Our Future is an umbrella groups attempting to do create change in Ireland.

Claiming Our Future wants to unite the strength of individuals, volunteers, community organisations, and charities. It wants to be an organiser of civic events and actions that force change and reform in Ireland.

Claiming our Future was kick started in 2010 through funds from private charitable foundations, and help from individual civil society and trade union members. It is not a political party.


A Claiming Our Future event in Dublin on October 30th 2010, brought together over 1000 people, and agreed the following priorities:

• Radical reform of political institutions to make them accountable to the people

• A coherent strategy for the economy, jobs and natural resources

• An ethical banking system that serves the needs of the local economy

• Greater income equality

• Universal access to quality public services

• Human rights and responsibilities as the core values of our legal and political systems, and the basis of our international relations

There’s always an alternative.

See facebook groups

“New Constitution, New Republic” and “Claiming our Future Limerick”

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: .

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