Leitrim Update 22 Oct

Update on Leitrim meeting in the Bee Park on 22/10/10

22 people attended an enthusiastic meeting in Leitrim on the 22nd of October. The organisers were delighted at the turnout as it was a particularly bad night. People still made an effort to come out which was greatly appreciated. These are briefly the main themes that were identified at the meet

1. Accountability/Responsibility in public office.

  • Ethical, Transparent, Accountable not corrupt or sectional interest
  • Can one have democracy with a party whip system?
  • Change legislation to make those responsible for economic mess accountable in court
  • Equity within society
  • Taking responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Tough measures for white-collar crime
  • Issue taken with lack of thoughtfulness and consideration of public servants
  • In the future we must be able to TRUST our politician’s
  • Accountability in governance and public service
  • Political structures > corruption

2. Change in governance structures required to reflect

  • Decisions get made at lowest level possible
  • Call for overhaul of all public bodies, change of structure starting locally.
  • Citizens information/advice offices to replace politicians constituency offices
  • Decrease the number of politician’s
  • Change political system to allow more women excel within it
  • Issue taken with attitudes to small local businesses too much regulation.
  • Property tax on unused land/property
  • Local non-governmental democracy
  • Streamlined, effective, value driven public services
  • Redefined governance structures and funding
  • Local
    County     ) Minimize central government

3. Items that reflect the need for Social Inclusion and fairness.

  • Driven by a specific set of values, endorsed by citizens
  • An economy designed to benefit people not institutions
  • Equity within society
  • Re-balance of property; rent must be allowed to change
  • Issue taken with local media being non representative of local opinion and airing too many adds
  • For the media to be more independent
  • People and environment centred
  • “Green” protected environment and good public access
  • Socially inclusive society, priority, cross cutting

4. Sustainable business model

  • Sustainable
  • Need for local solutions for a sustainable local economy
  • Farmers reorganizing in co-operative or similar self help
  • Sustainable agriculture

5. The notion of more active citizenship.

  • Encourage public participation, including criticism of decisions
  • Transition town developments example
  • Widen into active citizenship
  • Growing ourselves out self reliance/ frugality
  • Call for a Day of Action in Sligo/Leitrim, this to happen before the budget
  • Find ways of extending this conversation more widely

6. A few other ideas were also discussed.

  • Strive towards best health service in Europe
  • Strive towards best education system
  • Burn the bond holders
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