Meath Meeting Update

Meath Update

Following our meeting on Feb 15th a number of actions have been undertaken by Meath COF
  1. We have an article in today’s Meath Chroncicle about COF nationally and locally on our current work
  2. We have written to all election candidates in the county to seek their support for the 6 election prorities of COF nationally (I attach them for your reference)
  3. We have a public deliberative forum meeting for March 31st from 8-9.30 pm and have contacted a potential speaker to attend to discuss the issue of Equality and its impact at a local and national level (flyers will be sent out and posted to you re this soon)
  4. We have contacted LM FM to interview the national convenors group on COF today and I will let people know if that takes place
Our next organising meeting in advance of the March 31st meeting is on tuesday March 15th at 7.30 pm with venue to be confirmed

If you are interested in attending drop me an email at [email protected]


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