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We need ELECTRONIC VOTING (safe & secure) so the people can be consulted more frequently at low cost

Proper, safe, secure, eVoting will allow the people to be consulted more frequently at low cost. We can demote and reduce politicians if we can regularly, reliably and cheaply have our say. There will be no shortage of people willing to create the software and place it into public ownership .

  1. Wayne, we all wish that "the best & brightest" are placed in power. But who defines who is "best & brightest"? The "bright" voter.
    And what has that to do with e-voting?

    See yous all at the event :-)

  2. HardWorkingEejit,

    Sorry I wasn't clear enough in my last post and reading back I can see how I wasn't clear enough. I in no way, shape or form am saying that the "best & brightest" are the ones in power right now. What I meant was that we should find the best & brightest and place them in power, not the reactionary crud that we have representing us at the moment.


  3. Don't think so. IMO posing a question can never be an insult or even an offense.

  4. 3

    Turned to personal jibes now have we ?
    I'll be glad to deal with any other issues you care to raise, relevant to the topic.

  5. That's illogical, HardWorkingEejit. What has a voting procedure (electronical or manual) to do with the politics. Votes are not counted by just some politicians, they are counted openly.
    Do you not become a bit fanatic with your e-voting system?

  6. 3

    As long as we DO NOT have evoting - we must have politicians
    ????????????????? benefit enough I'd say

  7. 3

    Ref : "for what benefit"
    I couldn't care less about looking progressive. This is about strengthening our democracy, learning from our mistakes, taking this opportunity to correct the ridiculous situation whereby nobody can veto or call to account a government that squanders huge quantities of borrowed money - and all to try and cover-up their own mistakes & failings and protect their cosy cartel & buddies.

    I'm for people power, I trust the people en-masse far more than I trust politic... more

  8. HardWorkingEejit:
    "Charlie : You seem to be missing the point. It's a dual system.
    You can count manually (so you can check the system),
    but you can also count by scanning barcodes (and get the benefits)"

    What benefits, please? The benefit of wasting money into a system which is, if fully publicly controlled, unnecessary then?

    If you only would count a small percentage by hand to check the correctness, you will end up again with uncertainty.
    We are talking about THE base of our parliamentary ... more

  9. 3

    Ref : "... how do you want to guarantee that the system stores the true votes on those papers ..."
    Answer : The paper stores a full human readable ballot AND a barcode (which must match & can be checked)
    The voter reads the ballot after its printed and only puts it into the ballot box if he/she is happy with it.

    Certainly for a short period we'll all be paranoid and demand that the system is checked and double checked every time its used to prove its working and safe, but in time peoples c... more

  10. 3

    Charlie : You seem to be missing the point. It's a dual system.
    You can count manually (so you can check the system),
    but you can also count by scanning barcodes (and get the benefits)

  11. It's not only about storage, HardWorkingEejit. If we want public control the paper backup would have to be counterchecked. Then you don't need e-voting. It would only cost us more for no benefit. And how do you want to guarantee that the system stores the true votes on those papers? Means you vote A and thge machine makes a B out of it. To make e-voting as safe as the traditional voting, if it would even be possible, you need more money, more work, for what benefit then? Only that we can say, we are prog... more

  12. 3

    Charlie : How can anyone hack into a paper based system ?

    There's no question that eVoting has yet been implemented as a safe system anywhere, it hasn't and there have been bucket loads of mistakes. Get over that. I'm talking about a different system and approach that stores the votes only on paper.

  13. WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape


    Consultants examining the Aug. 5 Shelby County election found 3,221 more votes than voters on documents provided by Shelby County elections officials pursuant to a court order.

    Most voterless votes were found in large Republican precincts, a non-random distribution.

    The inspection team sought and obtained documents in connection with a lawsuit filed by ten defeated candidates over irregularities in the election.

    FOUR KI... more

  15. Years ago was an e-voting test project in Germany. 15 to 16 year old pupils, who were not involved in that programme, could hack into the system and manipulate it. If they wouldn't have published their success it would hardly have been discovered. Since that, e-voting is off the stove in Germany. Nobody over there would even think about it anymore.

  16. 3

    Ref : Safe eVoting
    I understand everyone's concern. Me too. Its a BIG issue. The System has to be safe.

    However, no point pretending it cannot be done, if it really can work is there ?

    The senate is supposed to act as a check on the government, but it didn't did it ?
    Whats so wrong with the people having the power (and an inexpensive mechanism) to call the government to account on big issues (be our own check on the government - perhaps then no need for the senate) ?
    Nobody suggested we should be vo... more

  17. 3

    Wayne, I'm struggling to belief you think handing our trust over to politicians (or as u like to call them "... the best & brightest ... ") without any recourse to cheaply vote on important decisions they wish to take (like Anglo bailout & Bank Guarantee) is a good idea .... So nothing to learn from our 100+billion euro experience then ?

  18. People can't manage to elect decent hardworking representatives every few years in an election. Now you want them to make regular choices?
    We should focus on electing the best & brightest to get on with running the country. At least then we can get on with our own lives safe in the knowledge we have the greatest minds available working on national issues. Most people want to go to work, get paid & spend time with their friends and family. Voter turnout very low for elections and you can be sure i... more

  19. Any computerised system can be manipulated. With electronic voting we would lose public control of our elections. I'm absolutely against that!

  20. 3

    Meg, it is possible to produce a safe system that can be (& MUST BE) verifiable with a full paper audit trail.

    For example if the system printed bar coded voting slips with your 1,2,3,... on it, these could be placed into a ballot box and counted electonically afterwards by simply scanning the barcode
    (No storing on discs or in any electronic form, just on paper that the vorter can read)

    As long as the system printed your choices in human readable form as well the votes could be counted by e... more

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