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1) General Forum

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We need ELECTRONIC VOTING (safe & secure) so the people can be consulted more frequently at low cost

Proper, safe, secure, eVoting will allow the people to be consulted more frequently at low cost. We can demote and reduce politicians if we can regularly, reliably and cheaply have our say. There will be no shortage of people willing to create the software and place it into public ownership .

  1. I studied computing & programming at college. It is the easiest thing in the world to program any computer to check on how many votes it receives from a particular party and then change them to register for another party. All it needs is a simple coded programming statement using IF OR AND e.g Is the vote for party A more than X? IF so, change the next Z votes to party B AND add them to that total, OR if this block of votes is for party B, double the number AND add to B's total. Human counting of... more

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