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Reforming our State to work for the People - Governance. Right now Ireland faces serious challenges and choices and people need hope that their future will be more secure. This session asks what sort of transformative policies should guide Ireland into the medium term..

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• Reform representative political institutions to enhance accountability, equality, capacity, and efficiency of national and local decision makers.  
• Ensure Ireland’s global role, foreign and economic policies and international relations advances the rights of impoverished and exploited people in the countries of the global south.  
• Develop participatory/deliberative forms of citizens’ engagement in public governance and enhance democratic participation by fostering the advocacy role of civil society orgs, civics/ethics education in all school levels and a diverse media  
• Support wider and more diverse participation in decision making in institutions (e.g. collective bargaining, public service user consultation and student’s participation in decision making in educational institutions).  
• Develop a strong and effective judicial system that is proactive in protecting and advancing equality and human rights and that secures timely, effective and barrier free access to justice.  
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