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Making the Economy work for the People - Economy and environment. Right now Ireland faces serious challenges and choices and people need hope that their future will be more secure. This session asks what sort of transformative policies should guide Ireland into the medium term.

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• Change the current development model and define and measure progress in a balanced way that stresses economic security and social and environmental sustainability.  
• Ensure that natural resources are developed sustainably and benefit the common good over private profit.  
• Drive a strong indigenous economy through links with appropriate Foreign Direct Investment, state-owned enterprises and investing in specific local enterprise strategies.  
• Regulate banking to change the culture from one of speculative banking to one where currently state-owned banks and new local banking models focus on guaranteeing credit to local enterprises and communities.  
• Prioritise a legally binding national sustainable development strategy that caps resource use, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and implements measures to protect our life support systems.  
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