Reinventing Democracy

We see Democracy as the root of civil society.

We belief this must be nurtured to full strength in order to achieve its full potential in working on behalf of every citizen throughout the country. That is our aim. We know that there is strong support for a Dáil that is fit for purpose and that impetus should grow from the local level upwards. 

At the Claiming our Future event of October 2010 in the RDS, reforming our State to work for the People was a principal theme. This first ever consensus deliberation focused on political reform to enhance accountability, equality, capacity and efficiency. Crucially, there was strong support for universal access to quality childcare, healthcare and services for older people, coupled with equality in access and participation in all levels of education.

Our work so far

The Democracy Group began in November 2011 in response to the movement’s ‘Reinventing our Democracy’ meeting in May 2011. From that moment it was obvious that we needed to substantially challenge the parlous state of our democracy. Our first big project was the Croke Park Claiming our Future Democracy Event in May 2012.  Since them we have been looking at issues like constitutional reform, participation, freedom of information, and electoral reform. the group is currently not active.