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  1. No but they should have, again prohibition just pushes substances into the black market that is only regulated by profit.

  2. If you ban tobacco you just have another substance to police, you instantly open up a new black market and you instantly create more criminals. Again, it was shown during prohibition in the US that prohibition itself doesn't work, it just gives a foot hold for organized crime (Al Capone for example)

    Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, for a quick summery of the results take a look here:

    Why do you think hash requires more research? You must have a reason not just a thought. It's the exact same as cannabis, just in a form better suited for transportation and storage. And it has centuries of use behind it, like cannabis, its generally been illegal for about 70 years of those centuries.

    If you want to stop drugs taking a toll on society then the only option is legalization.

  3. Declan, hash is essentially the same, just in a different, generally more concentrated form, yet it is still no more dangerous then bud. It is however generally more likely to contain contaminates as they are easier to hide in hash then in buds. Contaminates are a by product of cannabis's legal status, exactly as it was during the prohibition of alcohol in the US. If uncontaminated It would still be safer then tobacco and alcohol. Its NOT addictive, the link you posted actually states so, it may be habit forming, things people like tend to be so, but its not addictive physically like nicotine.

    Out of curiosity, have you tried cannabis? Either as hash or as a herb?

    Just to repeat myself, there is no logical reason cannabis in any form is illegal as long as tobacco and alcohol remain legal.

  4. Not sure this is the right place for discussions, but it says on the cigarette box that "Smoking Kills", google will link you to the research, look up the LD50 values for nicotine, alcohol and cannabis (also LSD and 'shrooms'), its plain and simple.

    We know that tobacco and alcohol kill, is that what you are challenging or are you challenging that cannabis MIGHT not be completely safe? Smoke inhalation has risk associated with it, smoke of any kind. As tobacco is legal I think its a decent benchmark for what kind of harm the state has deemed acceptable, and as far as I know there is not one case in modern medical history of a purely cannabis related fatality. Nothing is completely safe, that's life for you.

  5. We have conclusive evidence that both alcohol and tobacco are unsafe, both are legal. There is enough data to suggest cannabis is safer, it should be totally legalized and bar commercial sale, unregulated.

    Its blatantly obvious that safety is not the reason it is illigal

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