Enable Local Participation

Claiming Our Future wants to promote and realise local participation. You can help!

What sort of local participation building outcomes might be useful?

  • People could be encouraged to sign up on the Claiming Our Future database.

  • People could be engaged at a local level in talking about Claiming Our Future and how Claiming Our Future could enhance the work for equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity at a local level.

  • People could be supported to take on an initiative to explore and respond to the policy themes being developed by the working groups within Claiming Our Future.

These are just some ideas. Maybe you have others?

If you want to get involved in building local participation in Claiming Our Future contact Nina Sachau, [email protected]

What have we done so far in developing local participation?

  • We have organised public meetings at a local level on issues of national concern. These meetings have been facilitated by local activists supporting local participation in Claiming Our Future.
  • We have convened small group meetings of local activists to discuss Claiming Our Future and the potential it  might have for those involved in local level work on issues of equality, environmental sustainability, and trade union solidarity.

  • We have engaged in a strategic partnership with local organisations to hold local deliberative events on issues and policy themes of local concern.

Claiming Our Future could do more – with your help!