Econo..wha?: DDCIs online learning resource on the global economy

13 May 2023

Econo..wha? ... Why not form a learning circle on the global economy?

The economic system we live in does not serve the majority of the people. Yet many of us feel that economics is too complicated to understand. We all participate in the economy in some way; we all have a right to have an opinion on economics. But many people lack confidence to explore how the economy works. Or feel that we can't change it anyway.

Well, we think that we can. We believe that people are powerful and capable of creating social change through collective action.

Econowha? is designed to support us in questioning why things are the way they are, and exploring what we can do to act for a more just global society.

Econowha? is a free online reading and learning tool for adult learners.


It's is comprised of 9 sessions, each with things to watch and read. Each session has guide questions to get your discussion started, keywords to look up in the glossary, and proposed learning outcomes. And the sessions feature guest bloggers who have already had a look at the resources and have responded with an original piece of their own to some of the guide questions.