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28 April 2023

Organisations and groups: Request your free Declaration poster now to display in your premises! We have limited availability offramed posters also. Let us know if you would like one or the other! Email Nina at [email protected] 

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We are delighted to be able to present you with the final Declaration for a Future Ireland which marks the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Proclamation . This sets out a renewed vision for a progressive Ireland based on the values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity. 

As you know, the development of the declaration over the past year involved many different strands of civil society. These included NGOs working on poverty and social inclusion, migrant rights, global justice and environment as well as groups focused on women, youth and housing. It also included community groups, community arts organizations, think tanks, trade unions and interested individuals.  All these many contributions shaped this final version which was adopted at Claiming Our Future’s annual assembly in February 2016. As a result of this extensive and inclusive process we believe that the Declaration is a strong and visionary statement for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable Ireland.

We presented the ‘Declaration for a Future Ireland’ to President Higgins at Aras Uachtarain, in March. He warmly acknowledged the vision and values embedded in it and their importance in achieving a just and equal Ireland in the future. This was a great moment in the life of the Declaration initiative. It confirmed the importance of the role of civil society in promoting a values-based society including in the social, cultural, economic, political and environmental domains.     

The challenge now is to ensure that the values and ideas in the Declaration become a springboard for building a better Ireland. To make this happen, we ask you to join with us to promote the vision, values and the 21 Guarantees of the Declaration.

The following are some of ways to do this:

  • use the values framework in the Declaration and the Guarantees which fit your specific policy interests, in your public policy advocacy work
  • display a Poster in a prominent place in your premises 
  • send copies of the Declaration to your members (let us know if you would like more posters and we will send them to you)
  • include a link on the home page of your website to the Declaration (
  • use your social media platforms to promote the Declaration, we have social media graphics that you can use for this (request them at [email protected]
  • promote the Declaration through your newsletter(s) and other communication mechanisms.

All those who contributed to the Declaration acknowledged that public policy and practice in the future should be based on the type of values that underpin the Declaration. This is necessary if fundamental change is to happen. It will also contribute to achieving the vision of the 1916 Proclamation as well as building further on it.