Assembly 2015 - Report and pictures

26 February 2023

Annual Assembly, Saturday 7th February 2015, 11 am to 3.30 pm

UNITE premises on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Notes from the session ‘Activism since the Crisis: Reflection on Irish civil society’s actions and strategies for change’

Please find HERE Mary Murphy’s presentation.

Feedback from the group work following the presentation:

  • This year is a key moment to set positive agendas, that are value based
  • We should not waste 2016 by fighting over the space as civil society, use the space together
  • We should progress from a narrow to more future-focused protest, Civil society not always progressive, good at seeing/solving problems, but not always solutions/setting the agendas  
  • Need to engage/ link with other campaign and movements
  • Find new ways to  re-energize communities – strong empowerment to setting the agenda
  • Engage more with young people, outreach to 3rd level/transition year students. E.g. through Future News.
  • Build more solidarity in Civil Society in times when funding is scarce
  • Encountering marketization is to stress collective interests
  • Political Society – Civil society fragmentation requires restricting/reversing the roles
  • We should support positive collaborations, e.g. ‘Good Energies Alliance’ (shift from ‘anti fracking’ message) or ‘People’s Energy Charter’
  • Do we need a left political alliance, do we have an Irish Syriza?
  • Contribute to countering narratives/do Public Education
  • Leave behind ‘corporate’ agendas
  • Keep the focus on values
  • Learn from others – international exchanges
  • Harness energy from activist groups
  • Involve Community /voluntary arm in collective bargaining
  • Government initiatives such as PPN’s, Open Government Partnership, Constitutional Reform need to be better publicized
  • Be self-critical – we (I) should do more
  • Take risks

You will also find the outcomes of the discussions on the Declaration (which we had in the afternoon) on the website from end of March.