Financial Transaction Tax working group minutes, 4 September 2022

23 September 2022

Financial Transactions Tax – Minutes of meeting 4th September 2014

The meeting focused on the visit of David Hillman from the European FTT campaign on the 4th and 5th November. It was agreed that this was a key opportunity to advance a number of activities:

  1. To build on the political lobbying. Could we get him to meet Sinn Fein (Dave Connolly to explore), the Greens (Rachel Mullen to explore), Labour (Dave Connolly might have suggestions) and Simon Harris (Does anyone have contacts there?).
  2. To deepen trade union support. David Joyce will explore the possibility of a briefing with trade unions that have not decided on this issue.
  3. To engage with those who supported the work to date. Nina will coordinate a meeting of the 25 organisations that have signed up their support.
  4. Consideration of a meeting with ESRI if time allows?
  5. A programme of meetings will need to be developed to make best use of the time David Hillman is here. Nina will coordinate this.

The meeting also focused on the development of briefing materials. Nina will gather and circulate what we have to the group and circulate emerging materials when they are ready. These include:

  1. The briefing note on the FTT already prepared by the group.
  2. The work done by Michael Taft on employment in the financial sector and the impact of the FTT in other countries committed to implementing this.
  3. The work being done by Micheal Collins on the yield from FTT and the issue of stamp duty.
  4. The work being done by Michael Taft on FTT as a job creator.

Nina will explore if Tasc have done work on this issue.

David Joyce will explore if, through Congress or NERI, we can get the Department of Finance memo on the FTT referred to in the briefing to the new Minister reported in the Irish Times.

Nina to circulate a DOODLE to get a good attendance at a meeting in October to prepare for November 4th.