Activist Summer Camp

3 July 2023 - 4 July 2023

The Art of Campaigning: 

Activist Summer Camp

Learn, share & do creative action for social change.

Friday & Saturday, 3rd/4th of July 2015

A creative camp for activists, artists & everyone to

  • Work better towards social change in Ireland,
  • Take action: Turn discussion about social justice issues into action and try it out,
  • Build creative skills: Make campaign actions creative and learn how to use them for your causes and campaigns,
  • Network & build a community of activists and artists: Get to know and discuss new ideas with like-minded people.


When & Where: Starting Friday 3rd July at 12 pm with lunch, end on Saturday 4th July at 4 pm at Knockree Youth Hostel, Enniskerry, County Wicklow, with an overnight stay.

Costs: 40 Euro waged, 20 Euro unwaged. This includes the accommodation for 1 night in a shared room and food. Childcare can be arranged (come with your family!) and we can help towards the participation costs. Claiming our Future can support and coordinate transport by us (Bus and car pooling).

Are you interested?

  • Call for workshops: Do you have a good ideas for offering an additional or co-facilitating an existing creative workshop? Get in touch to discuss it please! Deadline for proposals is 1st of April 2015.
  • Participate – Registration will be open from April on However, before that date it would be very helpful if you let us know your intention to participate to get a better idea of expected numbers.

Workshops and suggestions so far include…. 

Video & Social Media Making and Messaging, Giant Puppet building & Political Street Theater, Creative Banners: Rhyming and drawing, Political Clowning, Media Stunts and Flashmobs. 

Each workshop will focus on one social change theme (such as Financial Transaction Tax, Economic Equality, A Declaration for a New Ireland and others) using creative methodologies to communicate it & help generate social change. You will learn how to replicate and use these methodologies in your own work. And we will try it out publicly!

The announcement in pdf here.