Strategic Meeting in support of FTT in Ireland

4 November 2022

Tuesday, 4th of November, 2-4 pm, for organisations and groups who pleged support or are interested in supporting the call for a Financial Transation Tax. 

Does your group or organisation want to pledge support of our call? 

At this meeting we plan to share more information of the Irish context and our strategies, to hear about the overall EU FTT campaign and look at further campaign actions and how we can work together on the issue. 

We are expecting David Hillmann as a speaker. He is the coordinator of the Stamp out Poverty Alliance in the UK and will be able to make links to the UK case and is actively involved in the overall EU Campaign for FTTs.


We are looking forward to working on this together and get the Irish Government to change its position and join the 11 EU countries who are introducing FTTs! If you are interested in joining the meeting, please get in touch with Nina at [email protected]